Birthday Poems

bdayPoetry is a part of our heritage and a significant element of our culture. Poems are able to express things that we find hard to say — those silent emotions. So when someone is having a difficult time telling someone how they feel, putting their thoughts and feelings into a poem is an excellent way to share those ideas. It becomes more than simply words.

Birthday poems are a really nice way to tell someone ‘happy birthday’. It’s even better if you personalize the poem by adding your own thoughts as well as the person’s name — it becomes unique and will be a gift that is cherished for years to come. It makes the recipient feel special. Birthday poems aren’t just for someone whom we have a romantic relationship with. It could be your son, or dad, an uncle, or even just a friend. You might even try composing one for your grandmother or grandfather. Either way, you can be sure that they will appreciate all of the hard work and effort you put forth in preparing their gift. But just a word of warning — if you write a birthday poem for your mother, you may want to have a tissue available because she probably will have tear in her eyes.

Birthday Poem for Mom
by Anonymous

Of course, not all of us are poets. Not all of us have the skill or perhaps even the time with which to sit down and create some words to celebrate that special person’s birthday. There are many eminent poets who have already composed some exceptionally delightful words for birthday celebrations. Consider copying those down on a hand-made card, or perhaps memorizing the poem and reciting it during the celebration.

A Birthday Candle
by Donald Justice

Giving someone a birthday poem is a special gift for that ‘someone special’ in your life. For instance, some girls find it difficult to think of a perfect gift to give to that special guy in her life. Let’s face it — some guys already have all of the games or gadgets available in the market place, and you’re tired of him giving his attention the latest video game that you bought for his birthday. Give him something that is special and that you won’t mind hearing him repeat for hours after you’ve given it to him. And, of course, the same thing goes for the guy who has that truly wonderful girl in his life. You can buy all sorts of jewelry or perfumes or other gifts for her, and she will probably appreciate them. But nothing will touch her heart as much as a poem that he wrote specifically for her. She will know for sure that she is a special part of his life. Regardless of whether you write the poem yourself or fine one from a book or internet site really doesn’t matter. It’s the idea that someone took the time to find those words which truly mean something. It maybe a little difficult at first, but your special someone will be forever grateful for your efforts.

by Anonymous

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