Graduation Poems

capGraduation is certainly one of those wonderful moments in our lives when we are being acknowledged for hard work and commitment to our education. Whether the occasion is a kindergarten ceremony or for the receipt of our doctorate, these moment are usually positive and encouraging. When it comes to poems about graduation, many of them focus not only on the joy of the occasion, but also on providing some advice for the future. A common experience for the new graduate is to be pulled off to one side by some family member, teacher, or perhaps even a stranger to receive some piece of advice. The advice may range from simply cautions about things to come, or as specific as which schools or professions the graduate should pursue. For some graduates, the amount of sage advice they receive is a little overwhelming. Some people have turned to writing their advice into short but meaningful poems with simple rhymes and rhythm. This makes the advice a little more enjoyable and also much easier to recall at a later date.

Be a Winner
by Anonymous


Often times a poem is read during the graduation ceremony itself. These poems tend to include a variety of inspirational quotes and ideas which are designed to encourage the graduate to aspire for greater accomplishments in life — to never accept the status quo. As they move on into life, they will have numerous opportunities to make a difference in the lives of those around them, whether it is their family, their local community, their nation, or perhaps even the entire world. Such poems, often read by the Salutatorian , are often written by a member of the graduating class, the faculty, or some member of the community who takes great pride in the school which is holding the ceremony. Perhaps one of the most famous is by Rudyard Kipling.

by Rudyard Kipling


Other graduation poems are less concerned with the actual ceremony and its official meaning, and more interested in expressing the concerns graduates have regarding relationships which have developed during the years at school. Many students become very close to each other, and graduation often signals a separation from their friends. Some will be going to college in different towns, pursuing jobs which will consume much of their time, or careers in the military which will take them to far-away places. During these times, many graduates compose poems for each other, expressing their appreciation for the time spent together and with encouraging words about the future. Often times, these poems will express some sadness as well, given that for some, this may be the last time they see each other. These poems can then serve as constant reminders of the strong bonds of friendship which had developed over those years at school.

Forever Friends
by Janilyn B. Rentillo


Graduation is a time for celebration, and there is no better way to memorialize that occasion than by writing a poem for the graduate. Such poems need not be long or complicated. The most important thing is that they express the writer”s thoughts and prayers for the graduate”s future.

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