Praise the Generous Gods...

William Ernest Henley

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Praise the generous gods for giving
In a world of wrath and strife,
With a little time for living,
Unto all the joy of life.

At whatever source we drink it,
Art or life or faith or wine,
In whatever terms we think it,
It is common and divine.

Praise the high gods, for in giving
This for man, and this alone,
They have made his chance for living
Shine the equal of their own.

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  • donnyarndell75

    Enjoyed this poem by William Ernest Henley. It's such a simple but powerful message reminding us to be grateful in the midst of life's challenges. Also, it highlights the beauty and importance of common human experiences like art, faith, and even wine. Good stuff! Henley was a genious, despite the often gloomy themes of his poems. His work still lifts me up.