Of That So Sweet Imprisonment

James Joyce

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Of that so sweet imprisonment
My soul, dearest, is fain -- -
Soft arms that woo me to relent
And woo me to detain.
Ah, could they ever hold me there
Gladly were I a prisoner!

Dearest, through interwoven arms
By love made tremulous,
That night allures me where alarms
Nowise may trouble us;
But lseep to dreamier sleep be wed
Where soul with soul lies prisoned.

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  • anonymousu018383

    Wow, James Joyce has such a beautiful way of crafting words. This particular line, "Soft arms that woo me to relent And woo me to detain" really caught my attention. It's as if I can feel the gentle tug and pull of love and desire. No wonder his work is so timeless.

    • vivienmaxfield

      Such a heartfelt expression of love and sentiment! It beautifully captures the allure and intimacy of a bond. The feeling of being held captive by love in the sweetest imprisonment, intertwined with someone you love so deeply. Gives me such fuzzy feelings inside, just imagining it.