Charles Lamb

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"For gold could Memory be bought,
What treasures would she not be worth?
If from afar she could be brought,
I'd travel for her through the earth!"

This exclamation once was made
By one who had obtained the name
Of young forgetful Adelaide:
And while she spoke, lo! Memory came.--

If Memory indeed it were,
Or such it only feigned to be--
A female figure came to her,
Who said, "My name is Memory:

"Gold purchases in me no share,
Nor do I dwell in distant land;
Study, and thought, and watchful care,
In every place may me command.

"I am not lightly to be won;
A visit only now I make:
And much must by yourself be done,
Ere me you for an inmate take.

"The only substitute for me
Was ever found, is called a pen:
The frequent use of that will be
The way to make me come again."

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