Dolor of Autumn

D.H. Lawrence

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The acrid scents of autumn,
Reminiscent of slinking beasts, make me fear
Everything, tear-trembling stars of autumn
And the snore of the night in my ear.

For suddenly, flush-fallen,
All my life, in a rush
Of shedding away, has left me
Naked, exposed on the bush.

I, on the bush of the globe,
Like a newly-naked berry, shrink
Disclosed: but I also am prowling
As well in the scents that slink

Abroad: I in this naked berry
Of flesh that stands dismayed on the bush;
And I in the stealthy, brindled odours
Prowling about the lush

And acrid night of autumn;
My soul, along with the rout,
Rank and treacherous, prowling,
Disseminated out.

For the night, with a great breath intaken,
Has taken my spirit outside
Me, till I reel with disseminated consciousness,
Like a man who has died.

At the same time I stand exposed
Here on the bush of the globe,
A newly-naked berry of flesh
For the stars to probe.

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  • alitrask79411

    Wow, this poem gave me chills. It's like a vivid walk through an intense fall night — full of bold and wild imagery. I can almost feel the raw vulnerability and exposure described. The connection between one's existence and nature comes off incredibly strong and somehow unsettling. Brings about an adrenaline rush similar to facing my own fears and insecurities. Love how it is an exploration of the self, yet stretches beyond individuality to our universal mortality and nakedness. Haunting and thought-provoking — sticks with me long after reading.