Ghazal 1

Jigar Moradabadi


Aadmi aadmi se milta hai
dil magar kam kisi se milta hai

bhool jaata hoon main sitam uskey
woh kuchh is saadgi se milta hai

aaj kya baat hai ke phoolon ka
rang teri hansi se milta hai

milke bhi jo kabhi nahin milta
Toot kar dil usi se milta hai

Kaar-o-baar-e-jahaan sanwartein hain
hosh jab be khudi se milta hai

English Translation

Man meets with man
[However] the heart doesn't find everyone congenial
I forget her oppressions
[For] she meets with such humility
What's the matter today that the flowers'
colour matches with your laughter
The one who doesn't meet despite meeting
The heart ardently craves for her alone
The affairs of the world get improved
When consciousness meets with unconsciousness

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