Radha And Krishna Make A Date

Sant Surdas

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Thus did Radha and Krishna feel in their hearts the transports of first love. Their eyes spoke to each other the language of deep love and there was no need for words. Their love of several lifetimes which lay buried deep manifested itself Krishna said, 'Come some day to Braj at Nanda's house. That's where I live. When you come call for me there. My name is Kanhaiya (Krishna). You say you live far away, but how can that be, when we here can hear the sounds of your village? Swear by Vrishabhanu, your father, that you'll come to meet me every day both in the morning and in the evening. You impress me by your artlessness, that's why I'm befriending you.' Says Suradasa, thus in their clever guile the lovers (Radha and Krishna) outsmarted each other.

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