The Book of Urizen: Chapter VII

William Blake

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1. They named the child Orc, he grew
Fed with milk of Enitharmon

2. Los awoke her; O sorrow & pain!
A tight'ning girdle grew,
Around his bosom. In sobbings
He burst the girdle in twain,
But still another girdle
Opressd his bosom, In sobbings
Again he burst it. Again
Another girdle succeeds
The girdle was form'd by day;
By night was burst in twain.

3. These falling down on the rock
Into an iron Chain
In each other link by link lock'd

4. They took Orc to the top of a mountain.
O how Enitharmon wept!
They chain'd his young limbs to the rock
With the Chain of Jealousy
Beneath Urizens deathful shadow

5. The dead heard the voice of the child
And began to awake from sleep
All things. heard the voice of the child
And began to awake to life.

6. And Urizen craving with hunger
Stung with the odours of Nature
Explor'd his dens around

7. He form'd a line & a plummet
To divide the Abyss beneath.
He form'd a dividing rule:

8. He formed scales to weigh;
He formed massy weights;
He formed a brazen quadrant;
He formed golden compasses
And began to explore the Abyss
And he planted a garden of fruits

9. But Los encircled Enitharmon
With fires of Prophecy
From the sight of Urizen & Orc.

10. And she bore an enormous race

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  • florencemadrigal

    I stumbled upon The Book of Urizen: Chapter VII and I must say, it's quite a fascinating read. The emotions portrayed throughout the poem and the struggles that occur, especially with the character Orc, make for a very intriguing experience.

    • VedaLester

      Honestly, didn't really resonate with me that much. Like, why so much sadness an drama? Life's hard enough without making everything into a big deal. Keep it light, keep it fun, that's my motto. This one, just seemed extra... you know? 🤷‍♀️ Kinda left me feeling more low than anything else. Poetry is sooo subjective though, each to their own I guess. 😐