Isaac Watts

Psalm 34 part 1

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C. M.
Prayer and praise for eminent deliverance.

I'll bless the Lord from day to day;
How good are all his ways!
Ye humble souls that use to pray,
Come, help my lips to praise.

Sing to the honor of his name,
How a poor suff'rer cried,
Nor was his hope exposed to shame,
Nor was his suit denied.

When threat'ning sorrows round me stood,
And endless fears arose,
Like the loud billows of a flood,
Redoubling all my woes;

I told the Lord my sore distress,
With heavy groans and tears;
He gave my sharpest torments ease,
And silenced all my fears.


[O sinners, come and taste his love,
Come, learn his pleasant ways;
And let your own experience prove
The sweetness of his grace.

He bids his angels pitch their tents
Round where his children dwell;
What ills their heav'nly care prevents
No earthly tongue can tell.]

[O love the Lord, ye saints of his;
His eye regards the just:
How richly blest their portion is
Who make the Lord their trust!

Young lions, pinched with hunger, roar
And famish in the wood;
But God supplies his holy poor
With every needful good.]

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