I, Too

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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I saw fond lovers in that glow
That oft-times fades away too soon:
I saw and said, "Their joy I know--
I, too, have had my honeymoon."

A young expectant mother's gaze
Held earth and heaven within its scope:
My thoughts went back to holy days--
I said, "I, too, have known that hope."

I saw a stricken mother swayed
By sorrow's storm, like wind-blown grass:
I said, "I, too, dismayed
Have seen the little white hearse pass."

I saw a matron rich with years
Walk radiantly beside her mate:
I blessed them, and said through my tears,
"I, too, have known that high estate."

I saw a woman swathed in black
So blind with grief she could not see:
I said, "Not far need I look back--
I, too, have known Gethsemane."

I saw a face so full of light,
It seemed with all God's truths to shine:
I said, "I, too, have found my sight,
I, too, have touched the Fact Divine."

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