Septimus Winner

Come Gather 'Round The Hearth

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Come let us gather 'round the hearth,
The chilly nights are growing long;
The golden crops are gather'd in-- My boys;
Come let us have a merry song
And let the wint'ry tempest blow;
The freezing breath of winter come,
We'll have a merry time I know my boys,
We'll sing of home, we'll sing of home.


The summer from the earth is gone,
And flow'rs have wither'd on the stem;
Let's sing of hearts that love us most, my boys,
And dream of joys we share with them;
And as we watch the blazing fire,
And sing of other days to come,
Our only joy shall be to dream my boys,
To dream of home, to dream of home.


The winter time of life my boys,
Is follow'd not by spring anew,
Then let us with a heart tonight, my boys,
Enjoy the scene that comes to view.
Yes! let us with each other wile
The joys that fate may bid to come.
And meet the light of woman's smile, My boys,
When all at home, again at home.

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