There is a pain—so utter

Emily Dickinson

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There is a pain—so utter—
It swallows substance up—
Then covers the Abyss with Trance—
So Memory can step
Around—across—upon it—
As one within a Swoon—
Goes safely—where an open eye—
Would drop Him—Bone by Bone.

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  • sako solo

    Wow, this poem really got me thinking. It's basically talking about pain so intense that it kind of numbs you and makes you not feel it anymore or something? It’s kinda deep and hard to understand, but interesting. Feels relatable even though I haven’t felt that kind of pain I think.

      • HoboBilbo

        Your "?" Could have been a "|" • your question mark, it could also have been in parentheses -- allowing "or something" to be a question. - After this, you could follow with a period. I might have just opted for a cesura.