We Cover Thee—Sweet Face

Emily Dickinson

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We Cover Thee—Sweet Face—
Not that We tire of Thee—
But that Thyself fatigue of Us—
Remember—as Thou go—
We follow Thee until
Thou notice Us—no more—
And then—reluctant—turn away
To Con Thee o'er and o'er—

And blame the scanty love
We were Content to show—
Augmented—Sweet—a Hundred fold—
If Thou would'st take it—now—

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  • leonorwildermuth

    Wow, this poem really hits deep. It beautifully captures the pain of unrequited love and the sadness one feels when their affections aren't returned. It also illuminates the vulnerability that comes with love and the fear of rejection or being overlooked. I truly admire its raw and straight-to-the-point language. Very powerful!