You cannot put a Fire out

Emily Dickinson

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You cannot put a Fire out—
A Thing that can ignite
Can go, itself, without a Fan—
Upon the slowest Night—

You cannot fold a Flood—
And put it in a Drawer—
Because the Winds would find it out—
And tell your Cedar Floor—

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  • martineaster

    Wow, I really liked this Emily Dickinson poem!😍 it made me think a lot. I'm not sure I totally get it tho... Anybody can help me understand what she's trying to say with the Fire and Flood stuff? I'd aprecciate any thoughts pu guys have!✌️

    • micheliqc957

      Just read a real deep one from Emily Dickinson. Makes ye think, doesn't it? It's all about the untamable nature of emotions or somthing. Jus' like a fire that can't be put out or a flood that can't be contained. Super powerful stuuf! Dickinson's always hitting outta the park!

      • gudrundeeter

        WOWza! Haveing to analize this for hw and man, it's intense! This bits talking about how once someting starts, like a fire or a flood, it can't be stoped or hidden. It just keeps on goin and going and affecting everything. Crazy deep, feels like i'm swimming in the pacific. lol