Civilization—spurns—the Leopard!

Emily Dickinson

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Civilization—spurns—the Leopard!
Was the Leopard—bold?
Deserts—never rebuked her Satin—
Ethiop—her Gold—
Tawny—her Customs—
She was Conscious—
Spotted—her Dun Gown—
This was the Leopard's nature—Signor—
Need—a keeper—frown?

Pity—the Pard—that left her Asia—
Memories—of Palm—
Cannot be stifled—with Narcotic—
Nor suppressed—with Balm—

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  • jeramybarna66

    Just remembered readin' "Civilization—spurns—the Leopard" as a kid. Liked it then, still does the trick. Wild creatures and man-made rulez, pretty neet contrast I say.