Could I—then—shut the door

Emily Dickinson

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Could I—then—shut the door—
Lest my beseeching face—at last—
Rejected—be—of Her?

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  • Mee

    Wow, the powerful imagery of "shutting the door" really hit me. It's like a desperate confession of an unrequited love. Beautiful yet heart-wrenching. 😢🌹

    • Jay_Soul

      I recall coming across this piece in my younger years; its raw emotion didn't seem to resonate with me then. Even now, the passage about the "beseeching face" being potentially "rejected" seems a bit overly dramatic and heavy-handed. I suppose it's just not to my taste. Perhaps others might appreciate the intensity more.

      • inhumanskin

        Remember readin this Emily Dickinson poem a while back in school. Got me a bit confused then but reading it now, It got me really feeling it. Man, that part where it says "Lest my beseeching face—at last—Rejected—be—of Her?" That's deep, prolly talks about love and fear. Dickinson sure knew what she was doin', her words can touch anyone. Simply beautful.