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Yunus Emre

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Go and let it be known to all lovers:
I am the man who gave his heart to love.
I turn into a wild duck of passion,
I am the one who takes the swiftest dive.

From the waves of the sea I take water
And offer it all the way to the skies.
In adoration, like a cloud, I soar
I am the one who flies to heavens above.

He who says he sees, doesn't, though he vows;
That man doesn't know if he claims he knows.
He alone is the One who knows and shows.
I am the man who has become love's slave.

For true lovers, this land is Paradise;
Those who know find mansions and palaces;
Wonder struck and adoring like Moses,
I remain on Mount Sinai where I thrive.

Yunus is my name, I'm out of my mind.
Love serves as my guide to the very end.
All alone, toward the majestic Friend
I walk kissing the ground-and I arrive.

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  • mauricioj18

    Just came across this beautiful poem and I am just amazed by it!❤️ There's so much depth and devotion to love expressed in these verses. Can anyone help me understand the meaning behind the wild duck and the swiftest dive part? Also, I adore the whole concept of becoming love's slave, but is it about true love or spiritual love? 🤔 Anyway, this poem really touched me and I'm glad I found it.🥰✨