Untitled XVII

Yunus Emre

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I wonder-is anyone here
A stranger as forlorn as I?
His heart wounded, his eyes tearful
A stranger as forlorn as I?

Let no one be lonesome like me
Or writhe in exile's agony.
Teacher, I hope no one will be
A stranger as forlorn as I.

They'll say, "He's dead. that sad stranger"
Hearing of it three days later,
They'll wash my corpse in cold water
A stranger as forlorn as I.

Yunus gets no help nor pity.
No cure for his calamity,
Drifting from city to city
A stranger as forlorn as I.

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  • joserivard

    Wow this poem by Yunus Emre really tugs on the heartstrings! Cant help but feel the pain and loneliness of this stranger. I guess we all feel a bit lonely at times. Forlorn strangers wandering through life... Nice to see we're not alone in those emotions. We just need mor support to eech other and hopefully nobody will feel this kind of forlorn.