When You Were Hungry

It is not something that you plan for.

Rather, It is something,

you do on a whim.

Although it shows,

the Lord you love him,

you do not do it,

for no one other,

than the one you are helping.

When someone asks you,

for money or food,

and you have money or food to spare,

you should give to that person.

That person may be,

one of God's angels in disguise.

After all,

remember that time,

that you were hungry,

maybe even starving?

Now you are well off.

Do you not think,

it is right to help others,

now that you have the ability to?

Of course it is.

You know what it was like,

to be looked down upon.

Now you are well off.

When the opportunity,

presents itself,

and you are having trouble,

deciding if you should,

or should not help others,

remember how you were once treated.


  • orchidee

    A fine write Forever. It's tricky at times - some may spend it on drugs, etc.

    • ForeverJesus6

      Maybe they will or maybe they won't, but the fact is that you gave to them. What if they don't spend it on drugs and they truely are starving, and all they ask for is a dollar, and you have eleven dollars. Would you give to that person? Persistence is key

      • orchidee

        I know what is wrong though. Someone appealed on a site for money and made us feel as if we HAD to give. It wasn't the place to appeal.

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