chris frank

The Star Crossed Princess

The past hold ghosts a thousand deep

That through the night wake the princess from her sleep.

Morning comes but cannot bring relief 

For the stone house’s walls cannot yet be breached 


Her heart knows it’s true desire 

It remains contained, her mind on fire 

In her past she has left true love before 

A second chance stands there, can she step through the door


What sunshine he sees from behind her eyes 

The princess does not believe can last 

Trusting, leaping, faith in love 

All emotions, all risks, keeping them apart 


Once more together, time stands still

Decisions made, remain unreal. 

The lovers kiss is from fair Verona’s pages,   

It brings back emotion lost to the ages 


He tells the princess of her virtues 

Her heart, her soul, her peerless beauty. 

She hears the words, and from him she rises, 

Her body yielding, her walls are falling 


The star crossed princess knows her lover’s heart

Her own protected, beats for him 

Reason can keep them from resting love she sees,

But it can be a perfect union, a life, a waking dream 

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