It’s The Little Things...

It’s the little things. 


It’s the little things. 

The little smiles. 

The little laughs. 

The little secrets. 

Behind the glass. 


The little shadows

In the dark. 

The little voices 

That tear you apart. 


The little mumbles

In your head. 

They won’t let you

Go to bed. 


The little fake smiles

That you use

To hide

Your flaws

To hide your cuts. 


It’s the little things. 

The little giggles. 

The little smirks. 

The little murmurs 

Coming from jerks. 


The little insults

They tell you each day. 

The little waves

That keep you away. 


The little rumours

Spread all around. 

They make you want to

Hide underground. 


The little tear marks

On your cheeks

That show 

Your battles

That show your scars. 


It’s the little things.

The little sniggers. 

The little lies. 

The little teardrops

In your eyes. 


The little monsters 

With sharp claws. 

The little ways

They show your flaws. 


The little pains

In your arm. 

That you cut

While everyone was gone. 


The little brush

You used

To apply

Your perfect



It’s the little things. 

The little knives 

They call words. 

The little guns

Shooting innocent birds!


The little girl

Sitting alone. 

Praying she

Is on her own. 


She doesn’t want

A soul to see

What she has been doing



The little numbness

That she felt

When she

Was alive. 


It’s the little things. 

The little time. 

The little crowds. 

The little flashbacks

Flood her deep down. 


The little ghost

Watching over. 

The memories

Flooding all over. 


The quiet grief. 

As she weeps

Wishing it

Didn’t have to be that way. 


The little regret

So she cries. 

They call it



It’s the little things. 


  • Candlewitch

    WOW!!! I hear you!!! excellent flow and presentation...my heart aches with this perfectly penned tale of the decline and slide into nothingness...

    *hugs, Cat

    • i.am.here.now

      Aw thx! It’s my first ever poem and I thought I would publish it and see if people liked it! I guess you did 🙂 - Georgia x

      • Candlewitch

        hey Georgia,

        not only did I love it...I could well relate it to my younger life! if this is your first poem, I am stunned by your masterful style and presentation! I look forward to reading more of your work!!!

        *hugs, Cat

      • poetboy5454

        A sad piece reflecting upon a true reality we all need to face, I can't believe this is your first poem! It's incredibly well-written and expressive!

        • i.am.here.now

          Thank you! I used to read poems quite often and I was inspired to write my own. I think I made a good choice! - Georgia 🙂

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