kevin browne

Electric Avenue.

So I took a walk down the street of an electric avenue 
And it made me feel a little higher so can I smoke a bit with you
Then we can dance up to Tin Pan Alley, that's what people do
Oh those famous streets of London Denmark drum the tears
If the roots of your existence from all those yesteryears
Swaying drinkers smoking for a living are half a world away
Let's take a stroll alongside Berwick Street to find the Gallaghers
Bring your guitar and bass up the Heaven for those two brothers
And just around the corner the street of Hendrix and handle
Then Malcolm Maclaren with Vivian Westwood eating lions
Oh those cobbled stoned streets have felt a million beats
Where the music makes the feeling of a load of London treats
And if Camden Town was louder would you turn the music up
But if Gary Barlow starting singing would it fill his coffee cup
We'll stroll down to Convent Garden and join the entertainers
Live the life of a happy hippy hop and get them all to train us
Westminster won the fight for the Beatles down on Abbey Road
Singing Hallelujah St. John's Wood, near Lord's Cricket Ground. 
Finchley Park played the festival scene, a special that was found
And the Rolling of the stones turned people into wild crazy ones
Where the Birds banded together and left the Doors wide open
When in 1985 Wembley played the biggest show of all time
Dying on the stage for the millions who were Aids infected mean
So Freddie stole the show and it was a shout out to the Queen
Because Africa singing that they here the music echoing tonight
And bandaid said but say a prayer and pray for the other ones
And it's time to lend a hand to life the greatest gift of all
Because Jackson sang we are the ones who make a better day
And the music keeps on beating. the music is here to stay.


  • FineB

    Thanks Kevin.

    What an incredible, awesome, brilliant poem.

    I saw the title and immediately thought of the Eddy Grant song but this is a superb poem.

    The streets of London are definitely alive with the sound of music!

    Keep writing

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