"Conspirators" for Paul Wellstone

"Conspirators" for Paul Wellstone

They met in the night
To discus what was right,
How to "deal" with the believer.

To contrive a plan
To "deal" with this man,
Who's questions had made them uneasy.

Their work just begun
It was five against one,
By the time they'd finished, 'twas unamious.

The price wasn't high
To let this one die,
As the sacrifice was needed for ALL.

The five of them knew
In the end what was true,
How the sentencing preceeded the trial.

They knew what to do
With the distortion of a fact or two,
And minimal slight of hand.

In the darkness his punishment was decided
By the ruling they all abided,
Those assassins numbering five.

They did what was best
For all of the rest,
Quietly asleep in their beds.

*Paul David Wellstone was an American academic, author, and politician who represented Minnesota in the United States Senate from 1991 until he was killed in a plane crash in Eveleth, Minnesota, in 2002. Wikipedia
Born: July 21, 1944, Washington, D.C.
Died: October 25, 2002, Eveleth, MN
Spouse: Sheila Wellstone (m. 1963)
Children: Marcia Wellstone Markuson, David Wellstone, Mark Wellstone

actually...he was MURDERED!!!


  • Heartwriter

    Wow.I never knew this. Great enlightment Cat. Great write.

    • Candlewitch

      thank you Heart for always being so supportive!

      *hugs, Cat

      • Heartwriter

        Thanks to you as well. I appreciate you!

      • Goldfinch60

        Good write, do not know of this but I am sure that this type of thing has happened many times by many governments in the world.

        • Candlewitch

          dear Goldfinch,

          I'm sure that you are right...way too many times! thank you!

          *hugs, Cat

        • dusk arising

          A fine story like poem of tribute and revelation.
          Really like the way this flows, it's concise and gripping. I too had no idea of who the fellow was. It seems he is yet another unjustly killed individual who's tale has been seldom told.

          • Candlewitch

            dear dusk,

            he was an honest and good man from humble beginnings. and a victim in a corrupt government. he was killed for his views and the changes he tried to make. thank you so very much for telling me what you liked about my poem.

            *hugs, Cat

          • Joe Dawson

            You write extremely well - for a moment I thought you wrote of another murder - just as brutal, just as unfair. Joe

            • Candlewitch

              dear Joe,

              thank you for the compliment and your support. I'm sorry about the other guy 🙁 this kind of thing should not be covered up! thank you for making favorite this poem!

              *hugs, Cat

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