Puppet Master

Puppet master

It was very much a game to you.
Holding her heart in your hands as if it was some kind of trinket that you got from a gum ball machine.
And You were careless,
Yet, you would not let it go.
You tend to play with it in your free time when you remember it is there.

But it is never your first choice
Never at the forefront of your mind

It takes a different kind of person to play with a heart like a puppet.
Pulling each string just to see what it will do.

I think maybe it was exciting to you.

But have you ever seen how still it became without the tugging.
How freely love flows without knee jerk reactions caused by reflexes from low blows?

Have you felt the warmth of tears caused by gratitude? Or peace?

Or have they only ever been from pain and the aches of a lonely bed.

I feel for the puppet master

Bound by strings

For you will never feel the grace of freedom

Caged by your own need for control

Love will never touch you without the manipulative tug of a string

May you find the strength to cut the cords and you yourself live..



  • Joe Dawson

    From such wisdom comes love and it seems to me that you have a surfeit of love - free I trust and wholly unrestricted. True to the core. Joe

    • HangingbyaHalo

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for taking the time to read my work.
      It is greatly appreciated.
      With love

    • vanabba3

      I'm so sorry you have been hurt this bad by someone who was supposed to love you... I promise things will get better, it just takes time to heal... At the same time, your writing some really outstanding material.... so descriptive, vivid imagery, and so much passion in your poems.

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