I love, as do you.
I try to defeat within,
I’m on my own.

I’m down, as to up,
but I feel way to much.

I'm wired to these outlets.
I'm fast, but in touch.

I'm a diamond, I’m a comic, I’m
in depth, I’ve been in love.

I’m garbage, I’m set free, I’m
a lot, and enough.

I’m you, and your me, in tone,
and in strength.

I learn, I’m taught, I’m stern, and you are busy.

I steer, I live, and my path is a seam.

You live, you delineate, you suffer, and you dream.

You concern, you distinguish, your strong, and alive,

we doubt, we diminish, we are means that coincide.

You fall, and you feel, but you never fault to try,

meanings stand up bridges, hope is worthy of ties.

You grip something so close, yet so far away,

you clench the net, the fallen, and the stray.

The unloved ones, become custom,

due to your max definition.

You are the balance.

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