Technological Society

We live in a society where our minds have been corrupted by technology,

Instead of looking at the trees, animals, and sky outside,

We rather look at computer screens, YouTube videos and news feeds,

Instead of interacting with the kids next door,

We’d rather scroll through Instagram behind locked doors,

Our imagination is being drained from us every single second,

We no longer think for ourselves,

But rather allow Facebook posts dictate what we can and cannot like,

Instead of being outside playing with sticks as if it was a magical wand,

We’d rather stay indoors using our trusty little mouse to click “like”

I remember a day when likes and follows were just two other words,

Now it feels as if they’re goals and dreams.

When did things change?


  • Claudelle DeLuna

    Very Cool and truthful!
    Yes, when did things change?

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