Woodland dream

Woodland Dream  

I look at your photo, glide on your smile,
Imagine that we had hooked up for a while.
Sharing a slow explosion of pleasure,
Enchanted by a green and secretive treasure
That arose from dewed earth 
When the stars sprinkled down
Some magical words 
And we shed garments
With the shackles that pin ephemeral pleasure
To convention and morality.

Earth in moist mist whispers, 
A tattooed route map of pleasure on sweat wet skin. 
A sudden surge of emerging emotion;
Quiet Percussive rustle of russet leaves:
Moonlit and oak arched
Incendiary kisses,
Passion Swollen script,
Tension in hidden intention,
Wave warmed and rinsed with bliss.
Dew glazed thighs, 
Ascending the summit to plummet into the abyss
Of phenomenal release.


  • Heartwriter

    Wow! This is an amazing description of desire.

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