little dove


Under blue velvet flows a lake

a lake that sleeps under the fog

in pink mornings flamingoes fly around daisies

daisies that look up to the north

with skies over the land of green

roses and berries burst and sparkle like stars

like stars that float endlessly under the breeze

runners race with motivation and with joy

as dancers move to a ballet tune in fields of silver

there is something about the fragile petals

there is so much more in the field of daffodils

peaches and apples light up the tiny forests

the forests that allow horses to shine and gallop

and leaves will soothe like a cup of tea

a cup of tea in the hands of a magical warrior


  • Jo March

    It is such a beautiful poem. I think it should simply make us think about how wonderful and lovely life really is. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    • little dove

      Hi Jo. thanks for your comment. right now I am not feeling like life is wonderful at all most of the time i hate it due to traumas and mental health issues. Strange I guess that I sometimes write poems that are like this. I guess it is because despite going through really difficult stuff I still see beauty in nature and I guess I would also like '' my world'' to feel like something beautiful and colourful and sparkly to . thanks for reading my poem

    • Goldfinch60

      Beautiful write.

      • little dove

        hi Goldfinch60
        thanks very much for reading my poem

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