Mister Dunken

Daft chills assigned,

Fulfilled endeavour,

The nicknames in straps,

Held with a tether,


Bruised and beaten,

Beyond that wall,

Lie in silence,

Victor stands tall, 


Ride the symphony

Every knock, every kick,

A harmonizing scream

Dissolves in the mix,


Nefarious it seems,

A mephitic dream,

Yearning for sweet hell,

Aching in its stream


Smile little lady

Try and frown

Unhook those hinges,

Make not a sound,


Drift silently away,

In your own blood, floating,

 Hear him laugh,

Hear him gloating,


The end ropes in,

Justice sunken,

Oh how funny of a man

Is Mister Dunken,


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