If...if life is good, boredom is rife,

if the world is perfect...there wouldn’t be any human life!

Birds now surf on plastic which at first glance is a sight pretty fantastic but the ocean waves speak for theirselves!

if oil is money and money is power...perhaps we have struck twelve on the final hour! We have big wigs in banks and blonde wigs in power leaves little space for this Our...Our!

we are taught enough to make us function but with little empathy for our action... passed down to son and munchkin... a cross to bare like religion...


keep a blind eye to the people behind the scenes, forget the cloak and dagger just keep looking at your screens, pay attention, sit up and listen, why steal your food when we rent you the dam kitchen!

if freedoms free, why are so many hungry? Lazy, crazy not like you and me? Iv always had eyes but now I’m free to see!



  • Candlewitch


    there is much despair in this well written poem.

    *hugs, Cat

    • Brother_Kane

      Thank you there is lots of despair in the world we live in this was just a snippet

    • Poetic Dan

      Wow what a powerful punch for your first hit, I'm so glad you was my first random pick. My brother words like this will see this world flipped, so greatful to you for sharing this masterful peace.

      Look forward to more
      Much love and respect

      • Brother_Kane

        Thank you Dan Iv liked poetry and the use of word play for years occasionally write my thoughts down but never really shared or took it seriously thought I’d join and share some thoughts and feelings about life and you can’t spell life without... IF haha

      • Reyas

        I kind of felt like I was watching the news in a way, a bunch of different world problems being presented one after another, which I agree with just about all of them, well written and though provoking, good job.

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