Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)


From Ptolemy, I have risen as an Earthen creature born of the Sea

My trident, gleaming over darkened waters with waves crashing above, below, everywhere around me

Swallowing all of the vessels embarking upon their journeys into nowhere

Hair, a shade of indigo that tempts my body to dance with midnight skies to be one with the flying serpent that is my totem in Eastern lore

Lotus blooming along the Nile to tempt the enemy to the shore

I have returned once again to settle my final score with all of the Pagan Gods

At extreme odds with just about everything that is considered to be normal

Thus, I am a freak of nature turning heads with every step that I take

As real as real can be, I am never hiding so they see me as they see me

Intolerant of the fraudulence that litters the atmosphere, I will not blend into the masses like all the fake ones do...

I am an ancient Queen, Not a princess....not a fucking queer..

A Pisces sent down by Neptune

A plumed serpent breathing air that turns into flames

Born unto blasphemy, my true name hidden by a complicated lie ....

In my dynasty, I was a sorceress..

For my dynasty, I have paid the price

I was not a very nice girl in those days

A witch abusing all my privileges with

 an inflated ego..set in my narrow and self serving ways

It is quite brutal when you come back home to live with yourself, thrice around the three times three.. this time, chosen as one of the divine...

In the West, we are all to meet ...

We are the chosen nine




















  • Claudelle DeLuna

    I love love how you integrated all the mystic symbolism, as I believe everything plays part of what we are.

  • Unsub


    you have outdone yourself this time; this is cleverer than anything you've written before & that's saying something with some of the amazing pieces you have done before.

    So much woven into this piece; it needs several reads to absorb it all; & that's what I've done because it was well worth my time.

    Absolutely love this poem my friend.


    • Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)

      Thank you, thank u...it's so weird because accidental stopped right there..then I went on to finish the original which is much longer...something to,d me to keep it the length that it is...so I'm going to take the rest of the piece and make it into like a sequel to those e when the time is right...I really appreciate your opinion ..your work is amazing g as well...thX again

    • Heartwriter

      Wow! You killed it dude. Truly it was off the charts. That's the you I remember. Keep it up!!!!

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