Claudelle DeLuna

Long distance Love 300,000 km away

Princess of the night,

Up above her bright castle,

Friends with the stars,

She is falling in love,

The Lover sees her at a distance,

He admires her beauty, her mystery,

She dreams of sweet talk,

Holding hands and flowers,

A love doomed to fail,

Her castle up above the sky,

His home 300,000 kilometers away,

The Lover whimpers,

Sadly drowning,

 In the sweet water,

Of his tears,

Unable to reach her castle,

On his drenched coat,

He paints the reflection of his Princess,

 Softly caressing her face,

Sending her waves of devotion,

Night after Night

She seats by the window of her castle,

 Waiting for her Lover to paint her picture



  • dusk arising

    What a lovely concept. Unending love, never to be consumated, to die with the dawn and reinstated after dusk. Dusk arising feels rejuvenated.

  • Claudelle DeLuna

    Thank you! Dusk
    P. S.
    This type of love is hard to find, but I believe there might be a few men and women still out there, perhaps hoping, waiting for the right partner or even the right friends. That is all it takes, to manifest a wish, the hearts pure desire to seek what we truly want. God listens, I know he does.

    • Rubenestar

      Hi Claudelle, that is a very well spoken comment. I think your poem. Is really good

      • Claudelle DeLuna

        Hi Rubenstar!
        Thank you for stopping by and reading my writing and your nice comment is greatly appreciated.
        Bless Day!

      • Goldfinch60

        That picture will be painted and the artist will then be able to give it to their lover in person, their love will then go on into eternity.

        • Claudelle DeLuna

          Thank you for your Lovely comment Goldenfinch60!
          Bless Day! Sir

        • Michael Edwards

          I strongly believe there is always someone out there for everyone. I am just so lucky I found mine. Despite some initial opposition we have now been together for many many years and still in love with each other.

          • Claudelle DeLuna

            Thank you for your comment and sharing part of your own story, Dear Sir!
            May you and your wife continue to love and care for each other.

          • orchidee

            A fine write Claudelle.

          • Heartwriter

            Aww, it was beautiful like a fairytale in a book!

            • Claudelle DeLuna

              Thank you for your lovely comment Heart!

            • Joe Dawson

              Very nice Claudelle, I enjoyed it very much, a thought provoking read, Joe

              • Claudelle DeLuna

                Thank you I appreciate your nice comment! Joe

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