Poetic Dan

Untravelled traveler

I am well travelled in where emotions can take me

My feet may not of touched as much as others roamed 

But I promise my heart has seen a few trips around


I'd like to take a moment in all of this

The times I've said God can't exist

To the moments I hit the ground asking to stop all this

To again in unexpected highs give thanks to its name


I've come to the point where I can see why I believe in no "God" I hear in this world of projection, but yet with this inner voice of myself gets greater attention.


In every word there is a lesson, I once believed all religion was a great deception but yet I still found myself crossing that line. 

Now I'll try and express what all thoses thoughts were, what I couldn't see in the message from all the higher vibration was actually my own deceiving actions I continued to do


I've slowly got to the point I'm being the most me I've always wanted to be and that in turn, is helping me except everything else in the same capacity 


This place others know of where there's no wrong or right 

Is a frequency that can only be felt in pure light

If you see something different then it's time to look inside 

Knowing you are not alone others are still there

To share our darkest of soul and the lightest too

Will cry or laugh or shout and scream then after that moment 

Will sit in peace knowing nothing has been contained 


With the next breath I've taken I am giving the spirit of life. 

One that I know for sure will never die and not because I was told so

But a feeling from the language of no tongues 




  • orchidee

    An interesting write Dan. I can't sustain 'arguments' at this level. I mean 'argument' in a sort of technical sense of 'debate or discussion', not as a row!
    Sometimes I just 'know' what I believe - if you see what I mean?

    • Poetic Dan

      I feel your knowing serves you well and that's all we need to do, is know our knowing it true to us.

      Always appreciated
      Much love and respect

      • orchidee

        Thanks Dan. Some may call it 'blind faith'. I admit I don't question things all that much. Some if negative, would call it 'arrogance', and angrily say 'How do you just know?!'

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      • dusk arising

        Whatever faith we have, so long as it does not demand anything from others, cannot be a bad thing surely?
        It is a personal thing within ones self. Leaves in question the motives of those who daily pontificate their chosen faith.

        • Poetic Dan

          Nothing but the none judgement, blaming religion is like blaming plastic or guns for our problems.

          Always appreciate your time
          Much peace and respect

        • Claudelle DeLuna

          Beautiful poem!
          I love the transparency of your creative expression and how you chose the music and picture.
          May you continue to raise above.
          Blessings to your family and a
          Bless day to you.

          • Poetic Dan

            Thank you so much, I'm always trying to live it up and with to the truest of my heart. It easier even you join a tribe that makes you feel good to be completely open.

            Appreciate the blessings too

          • Heartwriter

            Everyone has the right to come to terms of their own believes. Wonderful write Dan!

            • Poetic Dan

              Dam right and I now believe it all and that is in I believe nothing at all but the start and end is just pure love.

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