Let Me In Oh Israel

Oh Israel,

so warm and inviting,

in times of war,

you must defend yourselves.

You must guard your land.

You remain vigilant.

You protect your borders well.

Still, how fair is war -

that the inocent must continue,

to suffer under it's own ruler?

How fair is it -

that the inocent,

are confound to the wicked?

I do not blame you Oh Israel.

For you are accepting,

of the inocent.

Still I ask, "How long?

How long must this war continue"?

Yet, the inocent remain greatful,

for the aid you send,

and the food you bring.

(Sigh), How fair is war -

that a country's buildings,

cannot even remain,

intact for more than one month?

Oh the decisions,

that must be made,

to keep us out,

of your beautiful land.

Yet you defend yourselves honorably,

against a world,

that does not want you to prosper.



  • orchidee

    A fine write Forever.

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