kevin browne

Cast Me Away.


Cast me as far away as can be
For Earth eats my thoughts up
Until as far as the eye can see
The universe will take care of it
Whereupon this planet loves.

My saints had my sinners caught
For if ever there was a tightrope
Yeilding our lessons we taught
If life could only make it better
By living in our lands of hope.

Shatter my soul and bake it in the Sun
Where flames keep on throwing out
For it's in our hearts we look upon
And stargazing past the Milkyway
Cleaning out those doubtful louts.

Well, you know when 2 fingers are sure
To live with the things left behind us
We'll bury them 10ft down or more
With a shovel as dark as my heart
So it's up to God if it's not enough.

Yes, a tidal wave has broken down at sea
It flaunts its muscles up in a blue-eyed scene
It's love floats by to the extent of endlessly
Bursting with my tears from so many hurts
My dear breath of fresh air and what it means.

Oh, Mr guillotine sharpen up a little bit
For a head worth keeping means trouble
I think it best to sort out my sewing kit
The claws of kittens always interfering
Ending up with less than half a double.

So we give and we learn not to give back
A rule that is basic in the need for survival
Teaching how to give leaders the sack
Unwanted in truth, but helpful in lies
When our beating hearts look up to our idles.

It was a sad hello and an even worse goodbye
When all the stars I saw went out in the night
But, with our flame alit we can still ask why?
About all the darkness in peoples lives
Put your head down darlings, sleep tight.


  • orchidee

    But I wants ya to stay! lol. Where ya going? Will ya come back?! A fine write Kev.

    • kevin browne

      I'll be staying close by so don't you worry orchidee.

    • Claudelle DeLuna

      Powerful! Nicely written, Mr. Browne
      Bless Day! Sir

      • kevin browne

        Thank you, Claudelle, much appreciated.

      • Heartwriter

        A beautiful write Kevin as you always do!

        • kevin browne

          you've always been a constant complimentary girl and I do have to love you for that.

        • Poetic Dan

          The power in my is phenomenal
          What a flow as always my friend,
          "Shatter my soul and let it burn into the sun" sir you are a source of pure light. I was going to sleep well tonight but now it will be extra tight.

          Much love and respect

          • kevin browne

            Dan, that's a great comment to make and I thank you from the deepest parts of my heart. Remember though you are just the same to me/ May God bless you with all the niceties you deserve.

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