One love/Greed

One love/Greed


Bob Marley once said One Love, more then likely high as a dove... He smoked the urb, till his eyes bleed... yet there was no greed

but how can that be he smokes the evil weed! Could we be wrong? Should we concede? But what about our greed? It’s their focus over here we need!if we let them smoke you’d better heed! One day these modern slaves shall be freed!

Then what happens to our greed? To our power and control? Surely that will never fall... not all of it gone! Not all!

now we see the people stand tall and in reality we are So small! Thank god we built these sturdy walls! You’ll never get me... to late we are in your halls... shouting,smoke and kicking at doors ...BANG... how many important bodys laying dead on their floors!


we have tried their way now try ours! I promise you will have fun for hours and hours!

with no greed, mankind can be freed because....

One Love... is all we need!


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