Sugiura Asuna

A Broken Teacup

I've lost it and I can't find it
Misplaced it and don't know where to look
I got too close and came too far
I don't want to risk it
But can't bear it
If I leave a piece of me stays
But if I remain a bit of me goes
I cracked long ago 
But am realizing it now
Discovering a weak point in the glass
I'm out of options, it all started with a single crack
Soon it will spiral
And finally, fracture
There is no option c
Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C were the same
A fools errand to buy time
A myopsical  hope in a grandiose scheme
Kintsugi is unlikely to succeed with me


  • Crystal Hope

    Really great piece. You did a remarkable job!

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