Broken love

Brittany Jo

Rage is filling me and i’m looking for release
Praying to any God I can just for a little peace
No right words, no right description to how i’m feeling
Due to a man i thought might steal my heart, but it’s my sanity he’s stealing
Am i angry with him or am i angry with myself
For allowing emotions to be ignored and left getting dusty on the shelf
And every time i wanna open up i’m slammed back shut
No fairytale story for me, no prince charming or chariot
I got my brain in a box and my heart in a cage
And when i think i have the courage i become a frozen kid on stage
I’m jumbling up the words, i’m mixing up my lines
He doesn’t care anyways, he’s got better places to spend his time
Crazy, clingy, attached, and demented
Cause i’ve fallen victim to a fake love that he fermented
Driven to insanity by a man i can’t help but coddle
Desperate to take priority just once over the bottle
A man that’s made me hate love, nearly fear it
A man that knows what i’ve suppressed but doesn’t care to hear it
A man that knows i’d never put anything above him
A man i fucking hate so much because i love him

Love is loyal, love is constant.
Love can be the greatest burden one
Can hold.
As romance fades, love can turn bitter and
Icy cold.
Oh how I wish for love to never grow old!

  • Authors: Brittany Jo, Resa Bronstein
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  • Finished: August 23rd, 2018 04:00
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  • ron parrish aka wordman

    looking for someone that i can hold,
    true love is such a bliss
    its you baby
    the one i miss

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