If I Give It All Up

If I give it all up,

then what do I have?

Anything less of my principals,

would make me less of a man.

Who would I be to my wife?

How could I look her in the face,

if I gave up everything I stood for,

and destroyed what she loved about me,

in the first place?

I try not to be stubborn.

Hard-heartedness is a sin,

but if I give up my integrity,

would I even know who I am within?

My convictions,

will not let you convict me.

For not many people stand by them.

People will laugh,

but I must remain strong,

walk above the rest,

and not bend.

So what if my knees start to buckle?

Will they collapse under the pressure and fall?

No one knows,

what this world will bring,

but what I do know,

is that Jesus will bring you,

through it all.



  • orchidee

    A fine write Forever.

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