While Shuttered Up Inside... ©ozy

Snug Air Conditioned Demesne...


Analogous to my boyhood

cosseted and bereft, I assay

to poetically elucidate how majority

of mine years found me

deft keeping danger at bay

only thru the pour substitute

of my imagination

remaining safe within the causeway

of a quasi Norman Rockwell picturesque

unblemished near utopian day,

where trumped up "FAKE" danger

stoked courtesy of

anticipatory anxiety didst essay

when pinhead size

pores faux stressed

every epidermal square inch

populating skin oozing perspiration

along I-59 pro Roman

lix spittle sweaty freeway

precipitated, via illusory mailer daemons

unavoidably pitching me

into an inescapable fray

unlike late twenty somethings

(Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan,

whose cruel fate

at the hands of Isis militants

published online by Irish Times),

evinced carpe diem

existential Great Gatsby

live life to the fullest

created an extraordinary journey

(now forever immortalized as

daring adventurist trekkers)

with ample horseplay

deliberately, egregiously, fanatically

and wantonly killed,

when purely exalting in zest

promulgated by indomitable spirit

found me choked up,

a baby boomer i.e. west

tern civilized married bloke,

who opted to die vest

away from blatant uncertainty

never daring to experience unrest

outside a severely circumscribed perimeter,

exempt from a life

and death litmus test,

where very little harm extant,

when taking repast or rest

only ushering, venturing,

and taking, sans

quotidian cerebral quest

ensconced within four walls

without nary a pest peeves of mine

within psyche built a nest,

nonetheless hounded

by many a vicious beast

whose predatory cannibalistic feast

comprises thine psychological state greased

with until mortality expires,

asper being temporarily lend leased.


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