Glue Bill Whar Ming Dublin Down

Court hiss sea hove The Irish Times,

this hum mere ruck can bloke

kin esse spy climb mitt till impact

desiccation ravaging with choke


hold thee aim rilled isle,

which haint ok key doke

cuz won hoot rook froom sun

whelps like heretic burned at stoke!

- - - - - - - - - -

More to the point (meaning jaw

ken minus muff faux

hackney poetic strung bow

Willy Wonka barely understandable


twanged and twinged) accent

hen reed how, accomplishment

in garnering alarming

news-worthy ailment


while this Unit Aryan ensconced

within beef hoar tee four comfortably

numb burred battlement,

here at Highland Manor,


I pay (if totally tubularly pennies rolled)

approximately equaling bedazzlement

17,500 viz copper cent,

per month gratuity clement,

sans Grosse and Quade

associates co-management

offered rental assistance congruent

(predicated on social security disability)


to occupy one bedroom

apartment kept air

conditioned 60˚Fahrenheit

perfect for concupiscent


activity, albeit unfortunately marriage

shot thru with celibacy

suppressed sexless existence

more difficult to control

than catching a tiger by the tail,

hence this damned delinquent dependent

Dickensian dada cooly cruising thru

cyberspace espying embodiment,


how measurable heating up

Gaia, i.e. Mother Earth (she) evinces

no illusory figment, and just by a fluke,

the spontaneous Google search,

keyed revealed tumy mine eyes,

wretched webpage showed

stark rising temperature gradient

Dublin, Ireland experiencing

worst drought since

records began 168 years ago

where Irish Water (utility)

warned Dublin would run out of water

in 70 days, a “worst-case scenario”

necessitating hyper-efficient

protocols immediately inherent.



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