Should I get high on Wi-Fi?rnDo androids dream my dazzling dreams?rnMy mind’s wand conjures new passwordsrnAs it travels across Technology’s icon-laden skyrnMy soul traverses 4G infinitiesrnOn its gold lissom wings surging on highrnDoes the universe thrive on smarter phones?rnDo its glittery limbs tread eternally in cyberspace?rnMy future brain is pre-set for the processing of informationrnBut this computer reality has annihilated Imagination!rn

Floating around in cyber space.
The gleaming glare of the screen light dancing on my face.
I once rejected smartphones.
Held onto my old flip phone until they forced me
To let it go.
But, they actually did me favor.
I can share my thoughts and feelings with
People I’ll likely never see.
This brings a certain compfort deep inside of me.
I’ll end this portion of the poem by saying “
Thank you AT&T!
This is in no way an advertisement for AT&T
In fact, I’ve switched phone service years ago.

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