Right Is Right, And Wrong Is Wrong

I do not care,

if your a Republican

or a Democrat.

There is already to much division,

all across this land.

I do not care,

where you are from,

as long as you step to me like a man.

Black or white,

I know what is it like,

to be treated unfairly,

as an American.

Jesus's final commandment,

was that we love eachother,

as he had loved us when he was gone.

With all that still being said,

right is right, and wrong is wrong.

I will not agree with you,

just because of who you are.

I try not to show favoritism.

That only incites wars.

Still, if you are wrong,

I am not going to keep quiet,

or that is showing favoritism,

against what is right.

Because if you are right,

but were accused of wrong,

and I stayed silent,

then I would be wrong.

We all have our opinions.

Nothing is wrong with that.

That is what makes,

this country great.

However, because many people,

do not have the Lord,

that is why they make such misguided mistakes.

Still, my job is not to look for flaws.

That is up to Jesus, 'The Final Judge'.

Because remember, at the end of the day,

like how man was made,

we will all turn back to dust.






  • Crystal Hope

    Awesome poem. You said this very well.
    You need to fix each other. You made it one word.
    Good read with truth!

    • ForeverJesus6

      Thank you for your comments and your helpful critisism.
      Persistence is key

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