a coming into greatness story

Izzi Lynn

i. hello, my name is- (what is my name again?) my name is- my name is- sometimes, i don't remember my own name. everything that i am washes away my name like the ocean against the shore. my name is girl on a bus staring out at her future unfolding. my name is girl on a bus on the cusp of her own greatness. my name is girl on a bus terrified of everything unknown (including her future). my name is girl on a bus knowing she is the future and knowing that her fear will only make her stronger. my name is Isabelle. my name is Isabelle, girl on a bus, girl at a party, girl slipping on pajamas, girl biting her lip and tasting blood, girl who is afraid of her own potential but ready, ready to have more courage than fear.

ii. i am sixteen. ten years ago we had to put my dog down and i learned that death is something tragic and heartbreaking but you will survive it. six years ago, i met a woman who changed the entire course of my life simply by teaching me that my voice is powerful- that i am powerful. two years ago, i moved to an entirely new place and it taught me that change is nothing to fear. one year ago, i took a step towards being someone better and i have not regretted it.

iii. i am the future. i am the future. i am the future. i am on the cusp of greatness and i am ready to leap. 

iv. i am a girl on a bus, sixteen years old and realizing how far i have come in those sixteen years and realizing that there is so much more to come. i am a girl on a bus, sixteen years old and realizing that i am afraid, yes, but also that i am ready. i am a girl on a bus, sixteen years old and i am not going to let this world pass me by. i am a girl on a bus, sixteen years old and i am not just another wave in the ocean. I am the storm that knocks out power to entire cities and i am the earthquake that turns history to dust and writes a new chapter and i- i am not just another wave against the shore that dissipates. and maybe, maybe i am not quite a hurricane or an earthquake but i am a person, and maybe, that is just as powerful.

v. i am sixteen. three years ago, i was ready to cut ties with everything i knew and start anew. three years ago, when i sat on ledges i couldn't help but want to jump. three years ago, i stopped eating lunch. three years ago i told my therapist, i am a rock in a river and the water is wearing me down into nothing. and yet, here i am. three years later, and here i am with power in my footsteps and a heart full of hope. three years later, and here i am, coming into my own greatness. three years later and here i am, a storm in my own right. i am no longer the rock, i am the river. if there is no way, i will make one. 

  • Author: Izzi Lynn (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 14th, 2018 15:20
  • Comment from author about the poem: Ironically, I am now seventeen but I think I'll still post this poem. You see, I wrote it a few days before my birthday. I had been feeling so nervous to turn seventeen, like I was running out of time all of a sudden. But I realized that I'm not running out of time at all. I'm just coming into my own power. And I really feel like it doesn't just apply to sixteen year olds, or even teenagers. We are all on the cusp of our own greatness. The future is unwritten, guys, and we are the writers. We are the masters of our own destinies and it's never too late to realize that.
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