She lives in pretence, a carcass, celibacy of presence, 
Fixed in idleness, I am her God to mine, 
Parted by the touch of a kiss, irony of prescience, 
Devouring in likeness her God, to mine.



I simmer in the revolt of expectation, lounging in the child-like intoxication of instantaneous obscenity; the glimmering corolla...
Depredating Self! Only a natural disaster, when touched by a lover...
Terminal singularly in memory, we lug the tragedy of fantasy and pick rejoice in the duplication of frivolous matrimony; the burning air... 
Depredating Self! Only a natural disaster, when touched by a lover... 



Stifled to her assumption, 
I am no more than a dream; 
I puff hard, as if I don't conceive, 
Recording how fast the Sun is a medlar
Before the ocean of noblesse debt collectors, fetishizers of corrosion, 
Maraud silence to laziness, replicating the loneliness of a star; 

Wrapped in her last layer of gilt, 
I am no more than her pride; 
I enchant, starve, as if I'm never blind, 
Retrieving intentions reducing, festering to a convolvulus 
Newly discovered each time I make my reflection wilt, 
Reminiscence of the cyan vault distinct without a witness. 

The Horizon, 
Dread and expectation
Entwined to one, 
Lies dormant. 

Diseased for her arrival, 
I am no more than God's minus; 
I act amnesia, as if I'm not endless, 
Coronating with a spear her thought-to-be blister, 
Retrieved for love's survival, 
A pyre for a fire, the space which is now her sister. 

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  • Published: August 9th, 2018 12:38
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