Something to Believe

wether yes or no... science may prove snow but it doesn’t let everything show! 

So to answer yes or no shows belief!

but don’t try to take someone’s belief...

thats how you loose teeth! Or be buried 6 feet below!

but at what point do you stop believing? It obviously wasn’t as He was leaving...

ask yourself when tablets bare the forbidden fruit and chemicals children are breathing! Why seek him? Shouldn’t it be our eyes we believe in!


  • orchidee

    I see it as if we only went by 'seeing is believing' we would have no need for faith.

    • Brother_Kane

      I would disagree I think there’s plenty need for faith without religion for instance faith in humanity which is something we are lacking in recent years! Aswell as faith in yourself both physically and mentally which differs from person to person but we are all physically the same science wise... which brings me to my next point faith in science and what we can achieve by the understanding of physics we can learn the limitations both of our planet and our biology which lets face it religion has done nothing but blind people to the facts of life! Personally I’m not a believer but I’d be lying if I said I have nether needed to call on god or whatever omnipresent being so many believe in... the fact is life’s hard and there are 2 main things blocking the true evolution of man (take what you want from that wether mentally, spiritually or physically!) and that’s money and religion (more procisely it’s certain people with their own agenda! But they use these platforms) religion and money arnt things to base your life around they’re just ways of creating segregation through the human race which is then used by the minority (not race the real minority the richest family’s [and the Vatican in its own right] in the world ) to dominate and play with billions of people’s life! That is the sad truth of the world so to me anything that loosens their death grip and allows a fairer more even global society is the way forward surely! There was a need for religion but the same could have once been said about dictatorships... but now we are meant to live freely aslong as you arnt hurting anyone or causing them financial lose etc then life should be yours for the taking! But let’s be honest there’s a lot more in the way for some and that’s mainly down to money and religion!

      • orchidee

        I don't know if I agree with all of this. But then again, I don't know how to explain about where I differ.

      • Brother_Kane

        I realise it’s a dark subject and controversy at best but there’s an underlying truth to life despite my beliefs I am still very much a happy live life sort of person and I only wish the best for anyone else thank you for commenting I appreciate your views and beliefs

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