Gary Edward Geraci

“Called to the Peripheries”

Dedicated to those living in the “margins of society”, “where the need resides”, “in the peripheries”, “the most vulnerable”, and “to those who have lost all hope.”  


Where the Bentleys,

The Benzes,

The million dollar mansions

Are starving for God

In their abundance of riches;

The poorest of the poor.

Yet how come all the focus 

Is on the resource poor?  


I guess it’s easier

To drive a van full of

Missionaries to a place

Under a bridge than

To bust into a gated

Community of million dollar

Homes where the

Real poverty is to be found.  


-Gary Edward Geraci


  • Claudelle DeLuna

    Great Poem!
    I enjoyed reading it.

    From God's perspective I'm inclined to believe the truly poor are the ones denying his existence.

    From a Sociological perspective i'm inclined to say the truly poor are the most vulnerable.

    I often wonder why a lot of aid goes out of the country if the country hasn't resolve its own issues. Didn't the Lord say "put your own house in order first."
    The never ending revolving door.

    • Gary Edward Geraci

      Great insights Claudelle concerning order. I think it’s part of the solution to the immigration problem we are facing here in America too. I’d like to add that in my wife’s country, the Philippines, there are large numbers of “poor people” but don’t tell them that. Yes there are preventable diseases and calamities that these happy and joyful people deal with on a day to day basis; having to make due with scant resources and drug crimes and natural disasters ... but the majority are God fearing and God loving. The Filipinos are not afraid to bring Christ out into the public square or workplace either. They live the Gospel and hence, they are by and large a happy people.

    • orchidee

      Well, the rich are 'gaining the whole world but losing their own soul'. A bit like my poem today - chosen before I read yours here!

      • Gary Edward Geraci

        Yes, I agree Orchidee and they are a tough nut to crack as Christ instructed his disciples concerning “the rich.” I’m never too sure of myself when writing these “free verse” poems. That is until I see what the majority of the modern day, free verse poets out of New York are producing (I don’t mean this in a disparaging way) - I find their work instructive and in a way, a bit liberating for me to try to emulate during those times when I want to say something “now” without having to go through the mechanics of writing in traditional verse.

        • orchidee

          Erm, you could just waffle on sometimes (in a good way), rhyming or unrhymning. Bit like I waffle on! heehee.

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