Honey Silk

That Empty Feeling

Laying in someone's arms sounds better as the days pass by. But speaking it into the atmosphere feels like it may never happen again. 

There's always something to miss, there's always someone to wonder about and there's always days to reminisce. 

What I wouldn't give to listen to a heartbeat again. What I wouldn't give to have security within arms. What I wouldn't give to just forget about everything else in the world. 

I just want to rest my head on a shoulder and when I look up in their eyes, we share the sweetest of kisses. 

Everything is new, tender and ripe for exploration. My heart is for the taking, don't take too long. 

Ease my mind and let me hear that you couldn't imagine a better day. We could lay here all day.

My fingertips brushes over their skin and my nails trace never ending roads. Cause to me, you're a sight to behold. 

I'll be your home and quiet space whenever you need me. And you could be the reason why I'm still breathing. 

My lips will never spill the sweet nothings you tell me, their for my ears only. 

So let me lay up in your arms.


  • Crystal Hope

    Awe this is so very moving. A remarkable read. :)

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