The Woman I Chase, Remembrance of a Fly and Infamy (3 poems)

The Woman I Chase

She doesn't know how to be eternal. 
In every action, she infuses attraction, 
Pleasure is guaranteed, but she is lost; 


She follows you. Embarrassment we refuse to forget. 
You believe, like the rest, in dreams you use to escape, 
There is too much potential to finally be you; 

We've been abandoned too often before... 

There is a specific centre of the universe 
Which focuses only on birth, its existence 
Is essence - its essence, existence -

It is all I seek. It is all I am. 


Remembrance of a Fly

We are the flies that remembered how to light fire; 
We camouflage ourselves in darkness, the sea of memory, 
Only to chase the light we burn, and blow out...


Repose is ripened beauty, existing only
In the fact you can never know it, in any form...
Except through the blanket, tying our eyes; ever-present thread of nothingness..


I seek you. Only you, for eternity. 
How I ever much I forget, lose myself, 
The seed, the motion of my soul, is you.



The Earth I find 
Is the centre of my mind; 
Despite infinity 
It shows itself to me; 
As me, 
Never alone, 
Except when known.. 

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  • Published: August 13th, 2018 09:06
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